11-BU-005: Construct Storage Shelter

Customer: DZSP21

Location: Navy Water Treatment Plant, Guam

Start: April 2011

Complete: June 2011

Scope of Work: Excavate for new concrete slab, 220” wide x 350” long, 12” deep; remove and dispose excavated soil.Place 6” base coarse, approximately 10 CY, compact to 95% density. Place and finish 2500 psi concrete for new slab, 6” thick, approximately 10 CY, with 540 SF of 6×6 galvanized welded wire mesh at mid slab. Install 6 each 4×4 galvanized square pipe columns, 95” high, with 10” x 10” galvanized steel mounting plates, ½” thick, welded to the bottom of each and bolted to slab with 4 each ¾” bolts. Weld 4×4 galvanized square pipe on top of columns, approximately 120 LF. Weld 2×2 galvanized square pipe between beams at 2 ft on center, approximately 270 LF. Install double leaf chain link gate with drop rod latch with provision for padlock, approximately 18 ft wide x 7 ½ ft high. Install green PVC privacy strips onto gate chain link fabric, approximately 130 SF. Install butler tin roof sheets secured to roof beams with TEK screws, approximately 570 SF. Install rain gutter to roof edge, approximately 18 LF. Install 2 each downspouts to each end of gutter with elbows at bottom.