11-BU-007: Install Various Signs

Contractor: DZSP21

Location: DDGM, Naval Base, Guam

Start: March 2011

Complete: September 2011

Scope of Work: At existing concrete entrance sign, remove emblems and lettering, fill all holes. Remove paint from sign surface, approximately 280 SF. Apply 1 coat latex primer and 2 coats exterior latex paint (colors per MRAC), approximately 280 SF. Install new DLA emblem, 32 ½” high by 26” wide, and the following PVC lettering: 8” high “DEFENCE LOGISTICS AGENCY”, 6” high “DLA Distribution”, 5” high “Guam, Marianas”. Install 5 each building identification signs, 3’-6” wide by 3’ high, mounted to aluminum frame 6’-6” high, bolted to concrete surface; 1 each for B-2117/compressed gas/B-2116, B-2118/B-3169.