11-ME-017: Replace Five Roll-Up Doors

Customer: DZSP21

Location: DDGM, B-2117/2118, Naval Base, Guam

Start: December 2011

Complete: June 2012

Scope of Work: Procure and ship long lead item (roll-up doors). Remove and dispose six each existing roll-up doors. Install five each new roll-up doors – 175mph wind capacity for the following:

  • Roll-up door #2 (177″ wide x 16′ high)
  • Roll-up door #H30 (101″ wide x 14′ high)
  • Roll-up door #9, 15 (115″ wide x 11′ high)
  • Roll-up door #20 (152″ wide x 14′ high)
  • Inclusive of safety edge sensor and push button switch (open-close-stop)

Test operation of roll-up doors and safety systems.