11-RW-002: Repair Collapsed Road Culvert

Contractor: DZSP 21

Location: Mt. Tenjo Fuel Farm

Start: June 2011

Complete: July 2011

Scope of Work: Saw cut damaged asphalt pavement across road, 20 feet wide by 20 feet long, remove and dispose asphalt. At outlet headwall, chip concrete around 36” corrugated steel culvert pipe. Excavate, remove and dispose existing collapsed 36” corrugated steel culvert pipe up to joint with existing 36” RCP; trench will be approximately 21 feet long by 6 feet wide, 8 feet deep. Install trench shoring; installation and inspection of shoring to be performed by trench shoring competent person before any personnel are allowed into trench. Install 12” bedding sand to bottom of trench, approximately 6 CY, level sand bed.  Install 36” reinforced concrete pipe, approximately 21 LF, connect to existing 36” RCP and ensure appropriate pitch for drainage. Cover RCP pipe with bedding sand, 12” minimum cover, approximately 10 CY. At outlet headwall, grout around 36” RCP. Backfill and compact excavation to within 14” of existing pavement, approximately 15 CY. Place and compact 12” base course to 95% density, approximately 5 CY, provide for compaction testing. Place and compact hot mix asphalt to restore road surface, approximately 6 tons.