11-RW-003: Construct Parking Lot Addition

Customer: DZSP21

Location: J-100, Naval Hospital

Start: October 2011

Complete: December 2011

Scope of Work: Construct parking lot addition for 13 each parking stalls, each 9 feet wide by 20 feet long. Saw cut, remove and dispose concrete curb & gutter, approximately 220 LF. Excavate, remove and dispose soil, approximately 100 CY. Place and compact base course layer, 6 inches thick, approximately 50 CY. Construct 6” wide concrete curbs, approximately 220 LF. Install hot mix asphalt pavement for parking area, 2” thick, approximately 2600 SF. Stripe parking stalls using thermoplastic striper, 4 inch wide stripes, approximately 220 LF. Paint curbs with white acrylic paint, approximately 220 LF. Place top soil and seed to restore damaged grass areas.