12-BU-013: Relocate Wooden Boundary, Wooden Poles

Customer: DZSP21

Location: Harmon Parade field, Gang

Start: March 2012

Complete: May 2012

Scope of Work: Remove existing wooden poles, 48 each. Cut and level to accommodate the 4″ thick base course and 2″ thick drain rocks. Laying/compacting of base course lO’wide x 475’long x 4″depth. Laying/compacting of drain rocks lO’wide x 475’long x 2″depth. Auger 12″0 x 2′ depth, 48 each. Install 4″0 x 4′ high x 10′ distance a part pipe bollards with12″0 x 2′ depth concrete footing. Install 3/8″0 GI chain to link the installed bollards, 500LF. Paint of installed bollards.