12-EL-010: Replace Aircraft Washrack System

Customer: DZSP21

Location: B-18017, Andersen AFB, Guam

Start: August 2012

Complete: March 2013

Scope of Work: Replace six (6) each hydro blaster model 5/3000ehgv high pressure, hot water systems, fuel oil fired; including all electrical, water and fuel connections; testing and adjustment.

Replace six (6) each Remote Equipment Modules (REM) Model 1YJ090 located in the hangar, with dual hydro foamer and single hydro blaster wands on 150 feet hoses mounted to air assisted reels(air assist systems include oilers, condensers and drains); including all electrical, water and air connections; testing and adjustment.

Replace two (2) each Solution Mix Stations Model CSMS-110, interfaced with master control system for automatic selection of cleaning compound; including all electrical, water and cleaning compound connections; testing and adjustment up grade note: the diaphragm pumps supplied with the solution mix stations have been upgraded with a feature called pump start assist. This feature prevents pump stall, which can damage the pumps.

Replace one (1) each Master Control System, electrical and pneumatic interface for remote stations and mix systems, including all electrical and pneumatic connections; testing and adjustment.

Manufacturer technical assistance: service technical personnel to travel to Guam for 14-day installation followed by start up and testing; once system is operational, it is recommended that some active aircraft washing be performed in the presence of the technician for training support observation. Training will be provided to AAFB personnel on operations and maintenance.

Periodic maintenance and adjustment will be scheduled and performed on a monthly basis by our personnel. The manufacturer’s service technical personnel will return after 6 months and 12 months to perform service evaluation and adjustment.