12-RW-006: Asphalt Restoration near R155 Meter & Vault

Contractor: DZSP21

Location: Route 1, Adelup, Marine Drive, Guam

Start: August 2012

Complete: November 2012

Scope of Work: Saw cut on the existing asphalt pavement including two traffic lanes x 35 LF. Remove and scrape existing asphalt to accommodate the installation of new 3″ thick hot mix asphalt concrete pavement and 3/4″ thick friction course. Level and re-compact existing base course. Prepare and trim out existing concrete curb and gutter to accommodate the new additional concrete curb and gutter. Lay 3″ thick hot asphalt mix 22w x 35l and use roller compactor to compact approximately 15 tons. Lay 3/4″ thick friction course above the new asphalt concrete pavement with an area of 22w x 35l. Construct a concrete curb 6 x 6 x 18 the construction of said concrete curb shall level with the two existing concrete curb adjoining both ends. Construct a new concrete gutter 18 x 18 x 6 deep and connect to existing concrete gutter.