16-BU-019: Construct IED Training Lanes, EODMU-5 Compound

Location: Naval Base Guam

Started: January 2016

Completed: September 2016

Scope of Work:

Provide all required construction management and professional design work, construction labor, material, transportation, supervision, equipment and other incidental work required for this project. 

Civil Work: Clearing and grubbing of the entire project area, excavation oand disposal of unsuitable materials remove from the project site, backfilling, grading and compacting of sub-base and base course materials within the project area and in accordance with the approved training lane design, 3″ thk. x 14′-0″ wide (min.), AC paved travel lane with 4′-0″ (min.) compacted coral shoulder coated with single bituminous surface treatment, 2:1 (min.) side slope, typical. Length = 1,373± LF, 12″ thk. x 22′-0″ wide compacted coral roadway (varies from 3″-6″ dia.) over compacted base course, 4:1 (min.) side slope. Length = 250± LF, 8″ thk. (min.) 14′-0″ wide reinforced concrete pavement on compacted base course. Work includes construction of 4′-0″ wide (min.) compacted coral shoulder coated with single bituminous surface treatment and 2:1 (min.) side slope. Length = 686± LF, excavation and compaction of existing area where design of ponding roadway section is located. Work includes construction of smooth driving transition between concrete or coral roadway and the ponding section of the training lane or roadway. Length = 203± LF, 6″ thk. (min.) x 14′-0″ wide compacted coral roadway with 4′-0″ wide (min.) compacted coral shoulder on both sides, 4:1 (min.) side slope with a length of = 165± LF, 2′-0″ thk. x 14′-0″ wide compacted sand on compacted base course and coral boulders as slope protection with a length of = 150± LF, Road center line design at point of existing AC pavement connection, turning radius and existing drainage culvert approaches shall be in accordance with the latest design standards, training lanes shall be designed to accomodate the weight and dimensional requirements of the current vehicle or equipment used by the customer. Associated civil works not specifically mentionde above but required to affect a completed site, ready to receive continuing structural work.