09-BU-002: Office Construction

Customer: DZSP21

Location: B18040, AAFB, Guam

Start:S eptember 2009

Complete: April 2010

Scope of Work: Construct 3 type X gypsum board walls, with existing concrete wall serving as one wall, to create room 15ft wide by 21ft long, 10ft high, with type X gypsum board roof and sheet metal covering

The following were installed:

  • 100A distribution panel, with breakers on concrete wall near existing disconnect switch, connect main to disconnect switch
  • Drop ceiling with 2×4 ceiling tiles, approximately 315 SF
  • 4 each 2×4 energy efficient drop ceiling fluorescent light fixtures, with conduit and wiring, light switch to be located next to entrance door
  • One metal double door with frame, 72” by 80”,  with glass vision inserts, knob type locksets, door closer
  • 4 each aluminum 4’ x 4’ fixed windows with Plexiglas panes
  • 4 each duplex outlets with conduit and wiring to distribution panel
  • 5 each dedicated duplex outlets with conduit, wiring to 5 each circuit breakers in distribution panel
  • Install conduit for internet and telephone cables leading to one telephone and one internet wall mounted junction box. Telephone and internet connection to be made by others
  • 2 each smoke detectors, ceiling mount, AC powered with battery backup, with conduit and wiring to panel box and conduit and wiring to fire panel. Connection to fire panel to be made by others
  • Vinyl floor tile, approximately 315 SF
  • 18000 BTU split AC unit with disconnect switch and conduit and wiring to distribution panel
  • Paint all interior and exterior walls, approximately 1330 SF