Healthy Safety Environment

 IAN is committed to continually improving the quality of our solutions and products while ensuring the protection of our people and the environment. IAN places great emphasis on personal health, operational safety and protection of the environment when carrying out our activities, and we expect the same level of commitment from our subcontractors.

IAN believes that all incidents are preventable and that the elimination of these incidents can only be achieved if all employees and subcontractors are aware that they are each responsible for their own safety and the safety of others at their work place. Furthermore, IAN’s management team empowers all employees and subcontractors to stop and intervene in any activity that could potentially harm people, the environment or assets.

To strengthen this culture among our employees, IAN is committed to:

• Eliminate non-conformance and HSE incidents.  
• Promote HSE awareness to ensure that all employees and subcontractors understand and accept that they are responsible for their own safety and that of others around them.  
• Maintain a reporting system that allows the analysis of incidents, potential incidents, and non-conformities and disseminates recommendations to prevent re-occurrence;  
• Minimize our impact on the environment through pollution prevention and the reduction and recycling of waste;  
• Go beyond compliance to meet or exceed all relevant health, safety and environmental laws, regulations, industry standards and other applicable legal requirements.  

As part of the continuous monitoring and improvement process, this policy shall be regularly reviewed to ensure suitability in our changing work environment.