15-BU-018: FY15 Special Projects Rm 13-0730 Facility Improvements

Started: September 2015 

This project includes, but was not necessarily limited to installing occupancy sensors to control lighting, reconfiguring existing lights to be controlled by occupancy sensors, removing and/or replacing existing faucet aerators, showerheads, toilets and urinals with low-flow fixtures (Toilets: 1.28 gallons oer flush (gpf), Urinals: 0.25 gpf, Aerators: 0.5 gallons per minute (gpm), Showerheads: 1.0 gpm), providing new air source heat pump water heaters, re-weather stripping windows, cleaning, repairing or replacing ductwork and vents, reconfiguring existing HVAC systems to be controlled using programmable thermostats or reprogramming existing controls to use set back temperature set points during unoccupied hours, installing dampers, actuators and control devices to implement occupancy schedule based controls and close off or reduce ventilation air into HVAC system during unoccupied hours, HVAC system retro-commissioning to optimize the operation of the air conditioning equipment and rebalance airflows to match the actual loads. Base bid work includes routing maintenance work incidental to test and retro-commissioning process to include but not limited to cleaning systems and equipment, replacing filters and repairing leaks. Base bid also included providing training, reports, and project closeout documents. 

Incidental work included supporting cutting, patching and repair of affected walls and ceiling, and hazardous material remediation for the areas affected by the new work. 

The work was phased and accomplished during unoccupied hours as the current building occupatns were to remain in the building and required minimal impact to their operations. When necessary, IAN provided a phased temporary relocation of personnel, their furniture and equipment, files, books, etc. from their current locations to temporary locations within the same building or adjacent buildings and back as needed to effect efficient completion of the repair work. IAN provided a work phasing/plan schedule that included the temporary relocation work for review and approval prior to the start of any work for each of the buildings.