12-EL-008: Install three (3) PA Speakers

Customer: DZSP 21, LLC

Location: B-300, Guam Army National Guard, Radio Barrigada, Guam

Start: April 2012

Complete: May 2012

Scope of Work: Install public address speaker wiring #12 in a ½ inches aluminum conduit routing from the ground floor office going to the building eave. Install owner supplied four (4) each – pa speakers (16 at 50 watt). The owner supplied signal supplying amplifier is rated at 4-21 at 238 watt).

The total length of wiring is 400 linear feet including the following:

Wire routing from the office to the building eave line.

Four (4) wiring drops from the eave line route, ten (10) liner feet down for additional speaker provisions with junction boxes, pull-boxes and line switches as described during the site visit.Provide an auxiliary line-out jack in-case the end-user will connect the owner supplied signal supplying amplifier from the outside of the building.