12-EL-007: Determine and Repair Water Leak at Entrance

Customer: DZSP21

Location: Bldg. 25, Fort Juan Muna, Guam

Start: April 2012

Complete: June 2012

Scope of Work: Remove steel secondary rack on roof and patch/seal the hole at the roof with metal sheet riveted to the existing roof sheet and apply all weather sealant to protect rain water to penetrate.Pull-out and replace existing 1 ea. metal door and metal jamb with new 36″wide x 80″high aluminum door.Repair damage gypsum wall and provide additional metal studs to replace the missing studs. Approximate area to be repaired is 30SFProvide underground electrical service from the existing distribution line going into the building up to the location of existing electrical panel.Upgrade the existing electrical panel board from 150amp to 200amp. which include the replacement of panel box and circuit breakers. Paint all new work and affected areas during construction with same color as the existing.Replace damage ceiling board 2′ x 4′ , 4ea.