09-ME-001: Remove Deteriorated Fuel & Replace with New

Customer: DZSP21

Location: B-372, Naval Base, Guam

Start: April 2009

Complete: June 2009

Scope of Work: Triple wash and gas free certify existing 2000 gal steel diesel tank and associated piping. Unbolt and remove tank straps, ensure ladder feet are free. DZSP transportation to lift and remove tank to DRMO. Demolish and remove end wall and 5 LF of each side wall of berm. Demolish and remove concrrete tank supports. Pressure wash floor of berm to thoroughly clean concrete surface. Apply concrete bonder to surface. Install 3000 psi concrete topping to floor of berm, provide steel trowel finish. Extend fuel piping concrete containment structure into berm, approximately 12 x 12 with open top and covered by diamond tread steel plates, 8 LF long. DZSP transportation to place new concrete convault into containment structure. Reconfigure fuel piping to connect supply and return lines to new tank. Install copper ground rod and connect to tank.