09-ME-004: Replace AFFF Tanks

Customer: DZSP21

Location: B-26229, Andersen AFB, Guam

Start: November 2009

Complete: April 2010

Scope of Work: Drain AFFF liquid from tanks into drums for storage, approximately 30 drums. Take samples of AFFF liquid and submit for testing to laboratory on the mainland. Disconnect and remove all supply and return piping from tanks to union and flange inside building. Remove and dispose existing tanks, 2 each. Install new AFFF tanks, 48” x 84” horizontal carbon steel pressure vessel, 2 each, secure to concrete saddles with new bolts and anchors. Install new 2 ½ inch galvanized piping, including all fittings and 4 each 2 ½ inch gate valves, from tanks and into building, connect to union and flange. Re-install AFFF liquid from drums. Paint new tanks and piping with epoxy primer and paint. Stencil onto each tank “AFFF CLASS B FIRE FIGHTING FOAM” in red.