11-RW-001: Repair Collapsed Road Culvert

Contractor: DZSP 21

Location: Between 6 & 7 Hardstand Road, Naval Magazine, Guam

Start: May 2011

Complete: June 2011

Scope of Work: Saw cut asphalt pavement across road, remove and dispose asphalt. Excavate, remove, ad dispose corrugated steel pipe culvert. Install 36″ reinforced concrete pipe, approximately 80 LF. Cover RCP Pipe with bedding sand, 12″ minimum cover, approximately 30 CY. Backfill and compact excavation to within 14″ existing pavement. Place and compact 12″ base course, approximately 15 CY. Place and compact hot mix asphalt to restore road surface, approximately 5 tons. Restore roadway stripping and install formwork and rebar for concrete headwalls on each end of new pipe. Install 3000 psi concrete for new headwalls and provide steel trowel finish.