13-EL-011: Remove and Install New Electrical Panel Box

Customer: DZSP 21

Location: Box 6, NEX, B-780, Warehouse 7, Naval Base, Guam

Start: March 2013

Complete: March 2013

Scope of Work: Open the existing electrical panel box and carefully test if power already shut-off by DZSP 21.Carefully remove the box intermediate plate cover to have access on the affected circuit breaker to be removed.Unbolt/Unscrew the existing line and load sides of the circuit breaker and remove/replace with new unit.Replace also the existing line side wires, 4-3/0 THHN, stranded electrical wires inside the existing 2″Ø PVC conduit.Splice the connection using 3M cold shrink connector insulators 8426 series.Testing and commissioning.