13-ME-026: Repair Water Leak after Post Indicator Valve

Customer: DZSP 21

Location: B-642, Naval Base, Guam

Start: August 2013

Complete: September 2013

Scope of Work:

Excavation Work

  1. Since the concrete floor slab was thicker than expected, 12″, Ian Corporation need to mobilize excavator with concrete hydraulic breaker to break the saw cut flooring.
  2. Another concrete was found during excavation 3′ below the natural grade line, wall footing will be chipped portion to free and have access of the fire suppression pipe riser elbow.
  3. Upon reaching the elbow, the sub-contractor need to break the existing pipe thrust block to have access on the leaking portion of the elbow.

Repair Work

  1. Opened the PIV in-order to identify the location of water leak which was on its elbow.
  2. Remove and pull-out the existing 8″Ø x 7’long fire suppression riser.
  3. Replace existing damage elbow 8″Ø x 8″long , MJ x MJ.
  4. Replace the existing rubberize gasket including cleaning of flanges and bolt holes
  5. Bolt-in the pipe riser as described in item#l.
  6. Test by opening the PIV before restoration.

Restoration Work

  1. Restore the concrete thrust block, provide new bedding sand beneath the horizontal pipe.
  2. Restore the portion of wall footing.
  3. Backfilling work including compaction
  4. Restore concrete flooring including steel reinforcement.
  5. The existing 2 each 8″Ø pipe bollard will be installed 4′ from its existing location as per instruction from the POC during the site visit in-order to have ample space during maintenance of the riser.
  6. Painting of existing pipe bollards.