09-ME-005: Replacement of (3): 24” Gate Valves and (1): 24” Check Valve

Customer: DZSP21

Location: Barrigada Reservoir, Guam

Start: September 2009

Complete: September 2010

Scope of Work: Procure and ship long lead items:

3 each new 24 inch gate valves, AFC series 2500, non-rising stem, DI construction, resilient  seated, fusion epoxy lined and coated, with spur gear and hand wheel, ANSI class 125, flanged ends, with new bolts and gaskets1 each new 24 inch check valve, Crispin model SWL241-LW, horizontal swing check valve, AWWA C508, cast iron body, bronze & BUNA seat, stainless steel trim, class 125 ANSI flanged ends, with new bolts and gaskets.

Disinfect interior of gate valves and ends of flanged pipes with 250 ppm chlorine solution just prior to installation. Replace inoperable 24 inch gate valve downstream of check valve, close valve. Replace inoperable 24 inch gate valve on bypass line, close valve. Inform DZSP to restore water service. The next day, replace 24 inch check valve and upstream 24 inch gate valve. Open valves and check for leaks.