10-ME-007: Replace Fire Sprinkler Riser

Customer DZSP21

Location: B-71, Naval Hospital, Guam

Start: March 2010

Complete: July 2010

Scope of Work: Procure and ship long lead items (check valves, alarm check valves, etc). Remove and dispose existing fire sprinkler riser from ground flange to top elbow. Install new 3” flanged spool to existing ground flange with new nuts, bolts, gasket. Install new 3” reduced pressure zone backflow preventer assembly with 2 each OS&Y resilient seated gate valves. Install new 3” OS&Y resilient seated gate valve. Install new 3” alarm check valve with pressure gauges. Install new water motor alarm with all associated piping. Install new 3” tee and spool, with 3”-4” reducer, 4” elbow, 4” pipe to double outlet fire hose manifold. Install new 3” riser pipe and elbow, connect to existing piping penetrating wall. Paint new fire sprinkler riser red.