10-ME-008: Replace Corroded Pump Base

Customer: DZSP21

Location: Pump # 1, Victor BOWTS, Naval Base, Guam

Start: October 2010

Complete: December 2010

Scope of Work: Fabricate replacement pump base using galvanized steel, 6ft wide by 10ft long, to match existing corroded base. Ensure electrical service to pump #1 is disconnected, apply lock out/tag out procedures. Remove pumps, drive motors, pipes, fittings, panel box from existing base, remove and dispose existing base. Perform corrosion control on pumps and fittings, as required. Install new base and secure with stainless steel bolts and anchors. Install pumps, drive motors, pipes, fittings, panel box onto new base, with new flange gaskets. Adjust and align components, restore electrical service and test operation of pumps.