12-ME-019: Replace Existing Package A/C with New 10-Ton R-410 Unit

Customer: DZSP 21

Location: B-70 M.W.R. Fitness Center, Naval Hospital, Guam

Start: May 2012

Complete: June 2012

Scope of Work: Procure and ship new Carrier 10 ton R-410A package AC unit (long lead item). Fabricate new insulated supply and return transition ducting. Mobilize boom truck to jobsite, boom truck to be inspected by DZSP Transportation prior to start of work, equipment and operator to have all certifications required to work on Naval facilities. Ensure electrical service to existing package unit is disconnected, apply lock out/tag out procedures. Disconnect, remove and dispose existing transition supply and return ducting from package unit to building wall penetrations. Remove and dispose existing 10 ton package unit AC. Install new Carrier 50TC-A12A1A50, 10 ton package unit, R-410A, 208/230V, 3 ph, 60 hz. Install new transition supply and return ducting, secure to package unit and at wall penetrations. Reenergize electrical service, test.