12-ME-020: Repair 12” Dock Iron Pipe Line Between Headwall & Pier (over the water) Ballast Pipe Line

Customer: DZSP21

Location: Echo Pier, Guam

Start: June 2012

Complete: September 2012

Scope of Work: Installation of wooden platform to achieve good working position on the pipe spool. Remove the existing transition coupling of the 12″0 pipe & the bolts at the flange located at the other end of the pipe. Remove the 12″0 x 20LF existing & corroded pipe spool & dispose. Replace the 12″0 x 1/4″thk. x 20LF, fiberglass lined ductile iron pipe with single flange, 12 bolts. Replace the 13.20″ pipe OD transition coupling, 200-13.20 catalog number, Baker coupling brand with Buna-N gasket for oil/water application. Pressure test the new installed pipe spool. This will be done by the Fuel Farm crew. Wrap the pipe with 3M Scotrap #50 or 51 to protect it from corrosion. Remove the temporary wooden platform.