12-ME-023: Rewind Damaged Orote Power Plant Generator #1

Customer: DZSP 21

Location: Orote Power Plant, Naval Base, Guam

Start: May 2012

Complete: August 2013

Awarded: 2013 Excellence in Construction Merit Award

Scope of Work:

Rotor transportation/shipment to Mainland

  • Pull-out the rotor together with the exciter assembly from generator#1 at Orote Power Plant.
  • Deliver the rotor assembly to Ian Corporation warehouse for crating.
  • Accredited freight forwarder will pick-up the unit from Ian Corporation warehouse to transport/ship it to the mainland.

Rewinding process and testing

Work include stator winding removal, clean and inspect core, loop test core, rewind with special high voltage coil, remove and inspect amortissour bars, rewind fourteen rotor coils with epoxy system, test and inspect exciter rotor and stator, test diode assembly and assemble complete rotor and balance:

  • Remove main rotor wedges to give access for coil removal.
  • Press-out coil carefully from main rotor slot and note original winding data.
  • Conduct main rotor core test for possible hot spots and shorted lamination
  • Clean & file bare main rotor core to remove clinging dirts & rough edges.
  • Paint main rotor core with GE red aerosol anti-corona paint varnish.
  • Oven bake to cure varnish.
  • Cut to size & lay-out polyester fiberglass board slot insulation.
  • Cut to size & lay-out class H insulation using Nomex Aramid Paper with mica insulation.
  • Rewind using brand new glass covered rectangular magnet wire soft coil rated at 7.2 KV, class F insulation
  • Perform Electrical Instrumentation testing in every rotor coils
  • Make necessary connection & weld all connection. Terminate main rotor leads to slip ring.
  • Insulate all connection with high voltage termination to withstand design current and voltage stress.
  • Oven bake rotor to remove moisture
  • Spray rotor with epoxy resin varnish
  • Dynamic Balancing of rotor
  • Check and clean journal and Babbit bearings
  • Perform Final Electrical Instrumentation Test

Delivery to Guam

  • Crate and ship the unit back to Guam
  • Submit test report

Assembly of Generator at Orote Power Plant

  • Prior to arrival of the rewound rotor from the mainland, Ian Corporation personnel will do the following:
  1. Inspection/Repair or Reconditioning of Main stator, Main exciter rotor & stator and pilot exciter
  2. Replacement or repair of journal and babbit bearings (if found defective)
  3. Retouch/paint generator housing
  • Re-stacking of rotor core
  • On-site Dynamic Balancing
  • On-site Reconditioning and assembly works (if needed).