12-ME-022: Inspect and Repair Dental Suction Machine

Customer: DZSP 21

Location: Room L200, Dental Clinic, Naval Base, Guam

Start: December 2012

Complete: March 2013

Scope of Work: Coordinate placement order of the off island dental STS (Super Turbine Suction 54500 STS-5 with 8 gal. Cyclonic action separator, 54700 STS – 10 with single 8 gal. CAS) or the equivalent equipment with the same specification to the supplier until the delivery and schedule of installation. Check the delivered equipment as to electrical specifications, capacity and piping configuration to match the existing demand for the existing unit operation parameters. Disconnect and secure electrical and piping connections of the existing dental equipment. Demolish, remove and dispose existing dental equipment (Super Turbine Suction). Check if the existing piping configuration is not compatible with the new unit then; revise the piping layout to suit the new unit.. Install the new dental equipment unit at per manufacturer’s required installation procedure.. Connect all piping and electrical. Testing and commissioning.