IAN Corporation has a portfolio of working with fire protection systems, HVAC system from residential to large commercial, institutional and industrial systems, specialized grounding systems, sound and lighting systems, lighting and emergency power systems, overhead and underground transmission and distribution power systems and many more.

09-EL-001: Replace Sump Pumps

10-EL-002: Install Communications Conduit

10-EL-003: Replace Motorized Curtain Operator Electric Motor

10-EL-004: Repair Ceiling Light Fixture and PM Motorized Curtains

11-EL-005: Replace Outdoor PA Speakers

12-EL-006: Install three (3) PA Speakers

12-EL-007: Determine and Repair Water Leak at Entrance

12-EL-008: Inspect & Repair/Replace Defective Automatic Entrance Door Openers/Closers

12-EL-009: Install Antenna Support

12-EL-010: Replace Aircraft Washrack System

13-EL-011: Remove and Install New Electrical Panel Box

16-EL-012: Install Exterior Lighting at Lanai (114 Units) NBGAH