With various experience in power generating plants, steam and diesel power plants, respective control systems, elevators, roll up doors, and many more, IAN Corporation is here to meet your mechanical needs.

09-ME-001: Remove Deteriorated Fuel & Replace with New

09-ME-002: Repair/Replace Damaged Exhaust Ventilator Louvers

09-ME-003: Replace Filtration Assembly

09-ME-004: Replace AFFF Tanks

09-ME-005: Replacement of (3): 24” Gate Valves and (1): 24” Check Valve

10-ME-006: Replace 60 KW back Up Generator

10-ME-007: Replace Fire Sprinkler Riser

10-ME-008: Replace Corroded Pump Base

10-ME-009: Replace SWFP Pipes/Lines and Gate Valves

10-ME-010: Replace Gate Valves

11-ME-011: Repair OWS Filter Screen and Coalescer

11-ME-012: Relocate Air Compressor

11-ME-013: Replace Let Feed Pump #2

11-ME-014: Repair Rolling Gate

11-ME-015: Replace Dock Leveler

11-ME-016: Replace Fire Riser Piping

11-ME-017: Replace Five Roll-Up Doors

12-ME-018: Inspect and Repair Expansion Joint/Clamp on Headwall

12-ME-019: Replace Existing Package A/C with New 10-Ton R-410 Unit

12-ME-020: Repair 12” Dock Iron Pipe Line Between Headwall & Pier (over the water)’ Ballast Pipe Line

12-ME-021: Repair Dock Levelers Deficiencies

12-ME-022: Inspect and Repair Dental Suction Machine

12-ME-023: Rewind Damaged Orote Power Plant Generator #1

13-ME-024: Install New Auto Lift

13-ME-025: Inspect & Clean (5): Chiller Line Strainers

13-ME-026: Repair Water Leak after Post Indicator Valve

14-ME-027: Installation of Fire Sprinkler System